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In the box below enter how much you think the boat cost to make in dollars and your email. So we know how to contact you.
By sending this email, you agree to the terms and conditions below.

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I would LOVE for you to like and share, but in case of a tie-breaker, feel free to send me a 1-2 minute video “unlisted” on Youtube of why you would like to win the boat, to be possibly aired on my YouTube channel. Let me know if you like the channel, my content and if I have inspired you to create something too?

If you do record a video, send me an email with your video link to:
By submitting your entry, you understand fully this boat is completely handmade and not guaranteed in any way. What you see, is what you get, and you use it at your own risk. It is built with love and passion and wish I had the space to keep it. It does not come with batteries. These will be used with other projects. It also may or may not come with a launch trailer for legal transport. This will cost me a bunch more money I presently do not have, so will play that part by ear as the competition unfolds. Although I am willing to give you the trailer I made for it of course. If you live outside of the USA, please understand you will be responsible for freight charges. If you cannot pay, I will have to award the boat to a runner up that can pay the fees. I will pay up to $100 in shipping or if you are close enough, I will bring the boat to you personally.

The winner will be the individual who guesses the closest cost of the boat, without going over. If we have a tie, I will refer to any submitted videos as referenced above, to choose a tie breaker.

Since I have not told the cost to anyone, there are no restrictions as to who can enter, apart from, you must be 18 years of age. If younger, you must have a legal guardian enter on your behalf.
Only 5 entries per email address. Please enter responsibility, have some place you will store the boat in the winter. This is not a boat that would be on water all-year round.

I am still making some adjustments to improve the steering, the keel & motor assembly / speed controller and plus oak steering wheel. If this takes me a couple of extra months past the holidays to complete, you agree to allow me to make these refinements. These terms may be adjusted to cover anything I may have forgot in the coming weeks. By sending me your entry video, you allow me to use your clip at any point on my social media channels.
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